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About us

Lingkaran System & Service Sdn Bhd (PS/605915-T)

Our company established in the year of 2003 providing locksmithing services and with specific interest in projects providing technical specification and consulting, budget and key management. The locksmith services including of keys duplicate, supply and installation of lockset and repairing lockset for buildings. Setting up or re-keying of master-key & key-alike system also one of our expertise.


All of our technicians are well trained & lead by our supervisors with more than 10 years experience in handling locking system with all. Our service centers are equipped with computerized key cutting machine, advance software to handle key coding & master-key system and heavy duty mortises for lockset installations.


Our business philosophy focuses on the continued improvement of our effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness to customer needs by actively involving personnel in process improvement activities and after sales services.


Lingkaran System & Services Sdn. Bhd. – the company you can fully trust gives you a total solution to security hardware.

Business Portfolio

Providing customers with quality products and technical services encompassing security door hardware technical consulting such as budget proposal and technical advice to clients, consultants and end user according to the project requirement and application.


Preparation of spreadsheet or hardware set, supply, maintenance, master keying system for new projects, restoration and retrofit construction.


To continue delivering our capability of being a complete solutions provider and to maintain our position as the industry leader.


Our business concept comprises of a nucleus of various business activities. Our philosophy is embodied in the Management emphasis of :

  • Providing quality products and services through proactive quality assurance and control programmed.
  • Providing engineering and value-added solution for all door security system
  • Consistently meeting contracted product specifications and delivery schedules through coordinated and managed production planning control.
  • Ensuring continual productivity improvement through skills training.
  • Engaging in on going and leading edge Research Technology to improve our products against industry standards and lowering our product cost.
  • Providing a good level of customer services that would eventually placed us as an elite professionally player in our industry.

Team Structure

Our Team

1) Sales & Marketing

Mr. Randy Lai B.Sc – 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing of ironmongery in the building industry with some training in the principal factory represented by the company. His scope of work other than sales and marketing involves in providing technical consulting services and solution to respective projects in hand. He is currently undergoing apprenticeship of Architecture Hardware Consultant with Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) USA.


Mr. Hasmir Anuar Diploma in.Building. – 12 years experience in Sales and Marketing of ironmongery in the building industry. His scope of work also to assists consultant to prepare the Bill of Quantity (BQ) specification, costing, quantities and technical specification.


2) Supporting Team (Technical)

Mr. Loh Yoke Chai – 26 years in locksmithing and hand-on experience in ironmongery and providing solution and problem solving with new installation or retrofit contract. Well trained in master keying system configuration for new and retrofit installation. His vast experience could assists in providing supervision and coordination for installation of architectural hardware at site. His wide network contact could outsource material viable for individual contract within a constraint budget.


Scheduler – Preparation of ironmongery schedule in spreadsheet or hardware set with technical specification and compilation of data, catalogues and pricing for submission.


Installer – Installing the proposed and selected Ironmongery or architectural hardware for awarded contract.


Administration – General administrative duties.